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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q? Can I register my Matrimonial Profile Free on 333Matrimony.com ?

A. Yes, Registering your Matrimonial Profile is Free on 333Matrimony.com. Doing so, you will become a Free Member which will enable you to receive response from other members; and also, you can express Interest in suitable members.

Q? Can I register a Matrimonial Profile for my Son/ Daughter/ Relative/ Sibling/ Friend?

A. Yes, you can register the Matrimonial Profile Free on 333Matrimony.com.

Q? How do I Login?

A. Visit: https://www.333matrimony.com/ On the home page, enter your "Profile ID" (or mobile number provided at the time of registration) and "Password" in the respective boxes and Click on the "Login" button to login to your account.

Q? How do I change my password ?

A. Visit: https://www.333matrimony.com/ 1. Login using your "Profile ID / Mobile number" and "Password".
2. Under "Your Profile Image", click Account setting. In the left navigation menu, Click on "Change password".
3. Enter your old password.
4. Enter your new password and confirm the same. Click on "Save" button.
5. Your new password will be immediately activated. Please use the new password the next time you login.

Q? Why am I not able to login or why is the message " Not a registered user or username is not found. " being displayed?

A. 1. The password you have entered might be wrong or you might be having the CAPS LOCK "On". Please check whether the password is entered in the correct case (Upper or Lower)
2. Please ensure that there are no spaces in the profile ID typed. For e.g., it should be TTM123456 not TTM 123456.
3. The mobile number you are using to login must be same as the one you used, when registering on 333Matrimony.com.

Q? How do I send interest to a Member?

A. Please use the "Send interest" button available in Matrimonial profile, of a member whom you wish to send request.